Monday, 25 October 2010

SKIPtheatre in Vogue Italia October 2010

SKIPtheatre created a performance in the Da! Collectives Mayfair squat back in 2009, and now Vogue Italia have run an article all about it...

Thank you to Colin Hampden-White for including the photo he took of our performance.

Decadence and Descendants

by SKIPtheatre

A site specific performance, which took place in an empty mansion in Mayfair. A 17th Century lady and her two maids climb the stairs of an abandoned mansion only to descend again. Their journey is relentless; laughing and falling, running forwards and climbing backwards, on hands and knees with heads held high. The cycle cannot be broken.

This performance was part of the Da! Collectives MADA exhibition in January 2009.

Below: images from Decadence and Descendants by SKIPtheatre 2009 taken by Tom Harada:

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