Tuesday, 25 January 2011

SKIPtheatre's Performances for 2011

SKIPtheatre are working on two performances for 2011. Here is a little insight into our works in progress...

The first to mention, as it fits with the cold whether we have at present, is an interactive and immersive performance based upon The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde. As we work in a very visual method of initially creating images and scenarios, we have been inspired by the imagery he creates within this tale. We are also collecting ideas from looking through many an old book of the Victorian Pleasure Gardens, which will play a big part within the performance. In the summer of 2010 we experienced the delight of audiences of all ages exploring for themselves a journey through the site specific promenade performance, The Mermaid's Curse, and would like to explore the theatrical possibilities of this method further with this current project.

Our style and working method continues into our work in progress performance, So...? (working title) This project is an interactive performance/experience, which we are currently developing into a full scale performance for 2011. The performance explores all aspects of fashion consumerism and the current state of our ‘throw-away’ culture. In December 2010 we performed a scratch showing of our work in progress in an old leather factory in Whitechaple and had lots of really great feedback and ideas to help us carry the performance to the next level. We are very excited about presenting this project, so do come and join us behind the pristine rails of clothes when we present it!

You will hear it hear first! Or perhaps on Twitter, SKIPtheatre have recently joined and we are slowly getting up to speed flying with the flock!

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